Private Lessons

Private Lessons

private lessons in songwritingOne-on-One Songwriting Lessons

Meet with Murray in Toronto’s East End for private lessons. Get an overview of the craft of songwriting and learn a new songwriting skill each week in a series of one-hour lessons.
$60/hour – Suggested minimum: 4 lessons
Contact us for scheduling.

Original Song Mentorship

Bring an original song and work with Murray over a one-hour session to make it tighter, more polished, and more commercially viable. Because Murray will be giving suggestions for lyrics, chords, melody, and structure, he requires a 5% share of the publishing royalties of any song worked on.

Two-Hour Combination Lesson/Mentorship Session

Do both a lesson and an original song mentorship session over the course of two hours – a great way to learn a songwriting lesson and also get feedback on an original song (and save money!)

Murray Foster retains his portion of the royalties for songs he contributes to including songs written in any class, workshop, or private lesson.